Pounamu Pathway App

Journeys of Legend and Knowledge

Follow in the footsteps of explorers, traders, guardians and pioneers

Explore the map to visit distinct locations along our Pounamu Pathway, carved through the rugged landscape of the West Coast/Te Tai o Poutini.

Find and unlock the stories of battlefields, strongholds, settlements, and legends that once took place on the whenua (land) beneath your feet.

Explore the West Coast

Make the most of your trip as you travel to one or all of our Visitor Centres! Access our customised map to plan your exploration and discover awesome locations off the beaten track. 

This journey is unlike anything the world has seen before, and follows the historic Māori pounamu trading routes to tell a special story that enthrals, entertains and inspires.

Discover Hidden Locations

As you explore the magnificent landscapes of the West Coast/Te Tai o Poutini, break up the drive with interesting pit stops.

The Pounamu Pathway map is marked with locations such as Pou Whenua (places of significance), natural coastal icons, and historic landmarks you can visit to uncover unique stories, history, and experiences.

Unlock Unique Experiences

Learn about the people and events that helped form this place of precious stone. Visiting each destination unlocks unique interactive experiences, including quizzes, Augmented Reality (AR) visuals, and guided activities.

As the Pounamu Pathway grows, more locations will be added all the time, so repeat journeys will never be the same!

Māwhera Pounamu Hunt

When visiting The Māwhera Pā in Greymouth, find and scan the tukutuku (woven panels) to unlock precious pounamu.

This AR treasure hunt is fun for all ages! 

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