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Welcome to Pounamu Pathway store, where we proudly showcase traditional and contemporary Authentic Ngāi Tahu New Zealand Pounamu taonga from jewellery, art, and high-quality merchandise for in-store purchases.

Authentic Ngāi Tahu Pounamu

Choosing Ngāi Tahu Pounamu from us means more than acquiring a piece of New Zealand's cultural heritage. It guarantees its authenticity through a unique trademark and traceability code. As the legal Kaitiaki (guardians), Ngāi Tahu holds the ownership of South Island Greenstone, the exclusive source of genuine New Zealand Pounamu.

Beyond the stone

Ngāi Tahu's commitment extends to sustainable management, advocating for river protection, supporting talented artists, and nurturing local communities. 
At Pounamu Pathway stores, we invite you to make a conscious choice, ensuring you purchase only genuine Pounamu that carries Ngāi Tahu mark of authenticity, offering the assurance of responsibly sourced Pounamu that embodies New Zealand's rich heritage.

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